Monday, February 01, 2010

Philadelphia Trip, Missing Old Friends

so im thinking, what next.
life is weird now...

all i wanted was to get out of town. i needed to breathe.
at the time i thought anywhere was better than there,
and when hubby offered for me to come to philadelphia i accepted.
at the time i thought i would more than likely hate it here,
as i dont particularly care for the east coast... i was wrong.
its great here, and i enjoy living in this new place: however,
it still isnt without its problems. lack of a vehicle being number one.

i wish some of my friends were here. hubby and i still dont know
a lot of people here, and meeting new friends is slow going.
id breakdance in the courthouse naked with mustard in my ass
to have all my old friends living here as well. hubby and i have
discussed the idea of moving into the downtown philly area in a
warehouse loft, which would only be possible if i could convince
some of my friends to move up here. maybe i can?